Who am I: Cadet

Student. Athlete. Traveler. Challenge-seeker.

Above all else, I love learning new things and expanding the reach of my abilities. I’m currently studying Commerce at the Gustavson School of Business in Canada, specializing in entrepreneurship. Beyond academics, I spend my free time studying anything that will satisfy my driving curiosity. Examples have included music production, nutrition + physical fitness, and the Italian language, just over the past few years.

I’m unafraid to try most new things, and ‘figuring things out’ has always been my preferred state. I learn best by asking questions, doing, and repeating; I’m confident that I can learn almost anything with this method.

If I ever have the pleasure of meeting you, I’ll likely try to make you laugh almost immediately; aside from being a great icebreaker, making others laugh is a feeling unmatched by anything else. I’m usually not one for small talk, so talk to me about things you’re passionate about and I’m sure we’ll get along perfectly.