Maintenance And Planning

For organisations with high intensity production schedules, cost driven decision making and thinly stretched maintenance budgets, shutdowns are viewed as one of the highest risk and intensity work programs in the annual calendar. Site personnel numbers can balloon, with multiple projects of varying complexity progressing in parallel, all under a singular work permitting, isolation system and HSE (health, safety, environment) department.

Wiley’s Minor Projects team is committed to keeping your Production facility performing at optimal levels.

Maintaining an operating facility is a serious business. High hygiene, complex processing environments require an industry experienced approach to control risk and leverage the best production value from your operations. Wiley offers a suite of services underneath three broad specialties to keep your facilities running smoothly.

Minor Projects Shut Downs Maintenance
Maximising your production capacity is about designing and constructing the optimal engineering improvements into your manufacturing assets. Wiley’s Minor Project services cater specifically to master planning and execution of short term works programs, extensions, and upgrades for facilities of all sizes and specialisations. Your complex facility requires careful planning to eliminate preventable downtime extensions during planned outages. Wiley’s Shutdown methodology ensures project efficiencies for the rapid re-establishment of production which enables you to resume full operation and fulfill your customers’ forward orders. Your facility relies on smart Reliability Centered decision making for maintaining the building and processing equipment within. Wiley’s Preventive Maintenance services will prioritise expenditure around your critical assets to eliminate downtime caused by avoidable failures, hence maximising your production availability.


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